Jan 14

My Resolution 2016

Hi Everyone and Happy 2016! I hope y’all are doing great! I want to tell you about something I’m doing today.

My friend Christa, invited me to be part of her blog series New Year, New Thing: Fresh Approaches to Old Resolutions.  I’m sharing how I’ve resolved to be more than a good Bible study girl this year. I’m a Bible teacher and leader right, so it should be easy for me. Not. Read on to check out what I’ve resolved to do this year~

This is the year. I’m going to actually keep my resolutions & goals with #1 being to spend time in God’s Word every single day for at least fifteen minutes.

As I look back, this goal has come up almost every year. And like most other resolutions, it is made with the best of intentions and full confidence that this will be the year to begin and finish strong.

I begin strong. I even make a plan to help ensure all goes well. I put it on my calendar, work it into my day. I might even ask a friend or two to help hold me accountable.

So what happens?

Click here to join me at Christa’s place to read the rest!