Mar 31

I Quit Blogging~ but I didn’t want to! {FYI: Giveaway}

MelissaAndNickiLaughingOBSHello to any blog readers I may still have out there. My name is Melissa, the inconsistent blogger.

After I went to Israel in September 2015, I decided I’d start blogging again. And I did for a little bit. The truth is, I wanted to blog. I love writing from my heart and this is the place I get to do that. So … why did I quit? Ahhh! I get so frustrated with myself because I don’t have a good answer to that question!

This year, I’ve actually followed through with more things than I have in year’s past. (Pat myself on the back and thank you very much. Y’all clap.) Here are three areas I’ve managed to be consistent in:

  • Quiet Time
  • Weight Watchers
  • Exercise

All three of these areas have been areas where I’ve struggled in the past. I start strong but somewhere along the journey, I get weak and quit … temporarily. Then a few months later, I start again.

One thing I have to say that I like about myself. I might quit, but I don’t give up. I try again. And each time I say I want THIS to be THE REAL time I actually follow through. And I mean it! I think.

While the three areas I’ve listed above I’ve managed to keep going this year, I’ve learned I can’t get comfortable. It’s easy to quit. Like I’ve done with blogging. I started blogging again briefly. Then I quit. But I didn’t want to.

So, why if we say we really want to do something and we know it’s good for us, do we not keep doing it?

(Notice I’ve pulled you into this with me by saying “we” ~ haha ^^^^^)

How perfect that the next Proverbs 31 Online Bible Study is about becoming a woman who doesn’t quit! And even better it’s by my good friend and ministry partner, Nicki Koziarz! Whoop whoop! (That’s us in the picture above.)2016_OBS_5Habits_PreStudy_Square1-02


I’m so excited about this study! Y’all this book is GOOD! Even though I don’t necessarily consider myself a quitter, I’m also not a finisher.  5 habits, 5 weeks, committed leaders, an active community, and Bible study learning from the book of Ruth. This is going to be a great book and study. And I would love for you to do this with me.

While I am a Proverbs 31 OBS leader and director, I’m also a participant. I have a lot to learn in this area and I’m thankful to have the OBS community to do this with.

Would any of you like to join me? I so wish you would! If so, we can go through the study together over on the #P31OBS blog and also talk about it here. I know I could use the support and accountability, how about you?

If you’d like to sign up, click here. Sign up is free. For the study all you need to do is get the book. The study begins April 18.

And just for fun, I’m giving away two 5 Habits books! Leave a comment in this post and you’ll be entered to win. You have until 5:00 p.m. ET Sunday, April 3 to enter. I’ll announce the winners on Monday, April 4!

Let me know if you sign up and while you are at it, invite a friend too! Together, let’s become women who follow through by choosing what we want most over what we want now.

I hope you’ll join me!  :)



  1. Nellie McClung says:

    I can’t wait to get stared on this study. I talked a friend into doing it also. This will be her first bible study ever so I’m excited to see what God has in store for her life. Thanks for all you all do to make these wonderful bible studies available for us.

  2. Elisa Maldonado says:

    So excited for the study. I downloaded the ebook.

  3. I signed up! I have my book already but would love to share with my Bible study girls!!

  4. Elaine Ledlow says:

    I am a returning obs person who has already recieved the study guide and is waiing for the book and the first confrence call! I am excited andd ready. If I win the book it will go to a friend and we will work on it over the internet.

  5. Tonya Stafford says:

    I just did my first OBS.. Becoming More Than A Good Bible Study Girl & enjoyed it so much that I got the book for two friends as well. I am looking forward to more & winning this one would be awesome.

  6. Kristi Ingram says:

    Excited for the study! Ordering the book soon. OBS has been such a blessing to me.

  7. I have the same problem with blogging! Glad to know I’m not alone. And I can’t wait to do this study!

  8. I can’t wait for this study!

  9. I’m delighted to be able to begin a bible study with each of you. I have learned that the problem lies not in stopping or quitting but failing to admit when you have and being unwilling to begin again. Perseverance is required, although not easy as we continue our journey.
    Thank you for this opportunity. :-)

  10. Jennifer says:

    This will be my sixth OBS class. I’ve quit more things than not I think :( After signing up for this class, I’ve committed to a workout program, one that I’ve quit in the past, more than once. I feel like this time, in conjunction with this study, I’ll finally finish the 12-week workout program.

  11. Scheana Eller says:

    This is going to be great!!!! I can’t wait to get started!!! And actually finish!!!

  12. What awesome study!!

  13. I’d love to read this book! It’s very intriguing & sounds different than most I’ve done. I’m always looking for good options for my lifegroup.

    I think this could definitely have some “real life” application & impact!

  14. Gail A Harless says:

    Hey Melissa!

    I’ve signed up! Also, I am going through an excruciatingly painful experience right now. If you are reading this and would be willing to add me to your daily prayer list, I would be honored and humbled. I need to feel the power of knowing people are praying for me!

    God bless,

  15. Jamie Agent says:

    I love the book of Ruth! As I begin the road to my master’s in nursing I definitely need some types on sticking with something and following through!

  16. When I saw this OBS about “habits to keep from quitting”, I signed up within 10 seconds! I am always up to start something but then sometimes find myself quitting. I need to have a better understanding and Nicki Koziarz puts it all out there! Looking forward to this study, and No, i won’t quit.

  17. Kelly Dittfurth says:

    I am needing a great on line bible study!

  18. I need this, and I hope I won’t quit half way through as I usually do :-S

  19. Lois Walcott says:

    I miss these studies when they end! So excited for April 18th!

  20. Beth Johnston-Sabat says:

    Looks like an awesome study. I’m looking forward to it.

  21. Ashley W says:

    I am signed up. I am really excited about this study because I’m a serial quitter who would like to overcome quitting.

  22. I so appreciate this ministry! This will be my third OBS and I’m bringing two friends to this party with me! Here’s to all the starters and soon to be finishers. May God be glorified!

  23. Marian Hindall says:

    I would love to read your book Melissa. I need something inspiring to help me figure out what to do in my life since my husband passed 17 months ago. I’ve picked up habits I need to to get rid of, to focus more on what God is calling me to do.

  24. I’m excited to do this bible study as well as the ones I have done in the past. I need lots of help learning about my Elohim, My God, my Creator! I feel as though I have wasted so much of my life taking advantage of God. Now , it is time in my life to give Him the best of me. I have never gotten down to the bones of learning and studying the bible before. I want to now, and Praise God, I was spinning through fb one day, and , bam!!! There was a picture and a verse that grabbed me. Proverbs 31, it was that day, that time , not by coincidence but by my Lord, that I was introduced to a new and great way to learn and love my Lord.

    I am excited to get back to I Know His Name on Monday. I am learning and seeking more God time then ever before.

    Thanks to all the great ladies at Proverbs 31.

  25. TrinaLynn says:

    Hello everyone i pray all is well, i am so glad i found Proverbs 31 Bible Studys , i love learning espesally about God and Jesus and i love reading. I pray everyone has a very blessed day. Blessings.

  26. Danielle McIntosh says:

    This is what I need right now! Starting and quitting and restarting something else is my life!!! Frustrated with failing…

  27. Sarah Costilow says:

    I’m with you Melissa. I’m not really a quitter but I don’t always finish…too often I procrastinate and we all know what comes next. Guilt and disappointment in myself. I have missed being in the word daily and this will be a good time to get involved again. Sounds like a great study I need right now.

  28. Dee S Thomas says:

    I have numerous list…more than one note pad of a list to remember..a list to do. I am great from combining them but somehow I manage to have carry over…to a new list of course.

    I am feeling like this is a trend and an awful camouflage for procrastination?

  29. Linda Harris says:

    I am so thankful for this opportunity to go on the journey with all of these ladies seeking to deepen their walk! WE all need it. We need the accountability and the encouragement! God bless you!!

  30. Debbie F says:

    Habits, the bad ones are hard to quit…the good ones hard to keep going!

  31. Marilyn says:

    I would really like to win this book. I live in Canada and it cost nearly as much for shipping as the book cost.
    Thanks for all you do for us women . God Bless

  32. Ruth Lamb says:

    I hope I win a book. I’m on a fixed income and I cannot afford to spend a lot on books.

  33. Did you announce your winners somewhere?

    • I emailed the winners! Marian Hindall and Michele were our winners! Thanks to everyone for commenting. We are still giving books away over on the P31OBS blog!