Apr 15

5 Habits Book SALE: Limited time~Great price!

5 Habits book on sale? Yes please! Y’all know how excited I am about the next Proverbs 31 Online Bible Study right? Well check out the sale on the 5 Habits book that is happening at Proverbs 31 Ministries!


Have your 5 Habits book yet?

If not, hurry and get it now!

*And while your at it, join me for the 5 Habits study! I’ll be blogging about it here for the next 5 weeks! So excited to become a woman who doesn’t quit!

Love y’all! Have a great weekend!




  1. RebeccaLynn says:

    Oh my word! The Lord has such perfect timing! I am actually visiting your blog for the first time tonight. I certainly hope you don’t give up blogging anytime soon … because I’m hooked! Your post “I Quit Blogging …” spoke directly to my heart — and my circumstances! I am actually visiting here tonight because I am frantically trying (yet again) to gain motivation, understanding, and insight to help me FINALLY launch my own blog. Oh vey! I’m not Jewish … but “oh vey!” seems to suit my frustration perfectly. I’ve heard a lot of buzz about Nicki Kozairz’ new book … and as a former P31OBS girl, I’m contemplating falling in love with this study. I could definitely use some advice in this area. Actually … my problem probably has more to do with getting going! Maybe Nicki’s next book could be “5 Habits of a Woman Who Doesn’t Procrastinate”?? Either way, it’s advice so many of us could use — especially those of us more “artistically inclined.” Ha! I wanted to personally encourage you to KEEP GOING – and KEEP STRIVING. I am like you — I start. I stop. I start again. I stop again. I dig, dig, dig deep – and start, start, start again. I think it’s an admirable quality and I think pats on our back are nothing to be ashamed of. :-) *patting my back* Still, to be able to finally conquer the little voice in me (or whatever it is) that tells me to “stop” in the first place, would be a blessing!!